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If you are seeing this page after you have already uploaded your Web site, here are some easy to follow instructions:

To upload your files with FTP you will require FTP software. You can download your own FTP client by clicking on Webmaster Tools and choosing FTP Applications. We suggest CuteFTP or WS_FTP LE.

Here is the information required to configure your FTP client.

Host Name / Address: hostlane.net or
User Name: yourname.com
Password: yourpassword

Once connected, you will see the following directories:

Double-click the public directory to open it, and upload
your files to this folder.

Make sure you named your home page either index.htm or default.htm.
The system looks for a file with either of these names by default if a visitor enters the URL of your site without any specific filename (e.g. http://www.xyz.com or http://xyz.com).

Also make sure that your nameservers for your domain are:


It may up to 48hrs for your name to properly resolve throughout the Internet.

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