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bulletWebster's Dictionary defines a "Consultant" as 1: one who consults another  2: one who gives professional advice or services: EXPERT

I personally believe what many organizations are looking for today is not just the traditional definition of a consultant

- but they are looking for a catalyst to invoke action -  something, someone, someway to facilitate a course of action.

My most beneficial consulting ( Business Coach ) - includes, the setting of an open environment ( Facilitator ) - where participants create their own future ( Ownership ) - as the day's activities ( Catalyst ) are experienced.

This success is the strived for in every business opportunity.

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bullet" Be it on the racetrack or in the boardroom, the goal is one of never-ending improvement " - Derek Ross

In the area of a Management Consulting - I specialize in Change- Management Consulting. I have developed my own unique workshops.

Team Excellerator™

Every organization is looking for "the edge" these days. I assist in finding that edge. Team Excellerator™ is a collection of high adrenaline workshops exploring the challenges of personal and team development.

These learning experiences using the metaphor of "Racing" have proven extremely effective. The realities faced in the successful running of a top-notch High-Performing Business are the same as those faced in the running of a Winning Race Team.

Team Excellerator™ workshops can be custom designed for any organization or individual interested in achieving maximum performance.

I look forward to hearing from you -



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