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Team Excellerator™ workshops tie adrenaline to learning.

The result is a memorable and extremely valuable business experience.

A:   Team Excellerator™

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In-depth discoveries of ways to navigate through change and how to operate as a High-Performing Team in the workplace, are part of this two-day interactive workshop. New tools, language, and advanced driving skills are gathered during strategizing, debriefing, and coaching sessions in preparation for competing in the "Business 500" where learnings are put to the test.
B:   Race of Champions

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This gathering of the organization's top performers salutes their accomplishments. This one-day experience (captured on Video) affords interaction with other top performers and a chance for friendly competition both with themselves and their contemporaries while piloting vehicles, including racecars. The coveted Race of Champions crown will be awarded.

C:    Speedweek

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You and your Business Teammates will live, eat and breathe all aspects of operating as a winning team - both on and off the track. There will be many challenges in this pressure cooker - where seconds count for big dollars as "your team" - under the watchful eye of experts, becomes the pit crew for a nationally televised stock car event with your company car.       



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