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Consulting Background



Webster's Dictionary defines a "Consultant" as

1: one who consults another 

2: one who gives professional advice or services: EXPERT

bulletI personally believe what many organizations are looking for today is not just the traditional definition of a Consultant - but they are looking for a Catalyst to invoke action - something, someone, someway to facilitate a course of action.

My most beneficial consulting (Business Coaching) - includes, the setting of an open environment (Facilitating) - where participants create their own future (Ownership) - as the day's activities (Catalyst) are experienced.

This success is the strived for in every business opportunity.

Be it on the racetrack or in the boardroom, my goal is one of never-ending improvement.

I gained this appreciation for effective, personalized training from my father, a professional educator. His early training began in a one-room Canadian Prairie schoolhouse - and graduated to the skies as a flight instructor for the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II.

As a young man, I sometimes found myself without full comprehension of concepts encountered in my early scholastic environment, far removed from my father's prairie schoolhouse.

I would bring home my unanswered questions so that my father could explain to me in a different way. A way that I could grasp, not through rote memory, but with a deep understanding of the reasoning underlying the concept.

It is this love of assisting others to grasp new ideas and concepts that I strive to bring to every client-business relationship.

Whether that is conveying the subtleties of controlling a racecar at speed, or strategizing together how to set out on a new course of action within a client's business, or exploring how an integrated sports marketing program could substantially increased revenue.



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