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Performance Driver Development:

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The ability to enhance one's driving skills is a great joy which everyone can experience - be it for driving in competition - or driving to enjoy the "spirit" of driving.

bulletThe Challenge...

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...of assisting those who have never before thought about their actions behind the wheel. To transform abstract concepts and vague understandings into full comprehension and experienced control of the personal and vehicle actions required to negotiate a vehicle at speed.

...of creating a constructive, supportive, environment which will allow professionals, with many hours already invested in perfecting their skills, to look to further examine their actions.

..of allowing them to feel comfortable enough with outside coaching and assistance to develop new techniques, while retaining intact, the all important ego. Greater skill, confidence, personal satisfaction and the taste of "victory champagne" are the just rewards.

Over 10,000 served !!!

Derek Ross has directly influenced the on-track experience of over 10,000 people since 1988:

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... from experienced professional racers to first-time, white-knuckled but enthusiastic drivers

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... on every type of race course - from the high banks of a Super Speedway - to the narrow streets of a temporary circuit - to the rolling hills of a permanent road course or test track - to the cone lined excitement of a parking lot or skid-pad

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... from Winston Cup cars - to Indy Cars - the family car and just about everything in between

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... there is a personal satisfaction from assisting others to reach for the very best within themselves.


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