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Performance Driver Development:

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The ability to enhance one's driving skills is a great joy which everyone can experience - be it for driving in competition - or driving to enjoy the "spirit" of driving.

Performance Driving Seminars:

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Further the understanding of your vehicle's dynamics and how your inputs can affect vehicle control. This fun workshop will be of benefit whether you get to or would like to drive on a race track. Lots of information for the experienced, advanced driver as well.
Race Event Observation:
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Just as Team Owners - Mr. Penske and Mr. Kranefuss are shown here observing -  learn the ins and outs of how a race team operates - and see how the drivers perform on track - as you are taken into the minds of its competitors - during an actual race weekend.  From focussed "Trackside" viewing and from inside restricted areas -- observe through the eyes, ears, instinct and experience of Professional Performance Driver Development "Coach" - Derek Ross.
Driving Adventures:

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Actually get behind the wheel on a race track ? Sure  - Why not ?? In a safe fun environment, go on-track for an adventure that should not be missed.
Competition Driver Development:
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If you drive competitively - consider the benefits that focussed direct coaching would have - not only on you - but on your competition !


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