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bulletPerformance Driving Seminars

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Maybe you've never yet driven on a racetrack.

Even if you are an old hand behind the wheel at the track - the time to really think about driving - and what you are doing behind the wheel is in short supply.

Whether you are an experienced racer -- or someone who would like to explore further the dynamics of your personal vehicle and  your own limitations behind the wheel, this will be time well spent.

This workshop, under the direction of Professional Performance Driver Development Coach and Race Car Driver - Derek Ross, will delve into the world behind the wheel in a fun and relaxed way.

bulletNo Racetrack or Experience Required

Even if you have never yet, (or don't even plan to) set foot onto a racetrack with your vehicle -  having a deeper comprehension of the forces acting on your vehicle - and how your vehicle will respond to your inputs, will increase your safety margin for everyday driving.

When an emergency situation arises - evasive maneuvers are demanded - these maneuvers will test your knowledge of vehicle handling and may require using every bit of talent you have behind the wheel.

If you can increase your abilities - which begins with a greater understanding of your personal limits, you will increase your driving enjoyment and have an increased safety cushion when the unexpected happens.

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Exclusive Business/Organization Opportunity:       

bulletIf you are a provider to automotive enthusiasts - such as an automotive dealership, retailer of tires, wheels, or automotive components and accessories - or are part of an organization/club catering to the automotive enthusiast, why not host your own private - by invitation only - Performance Driving Seminar.



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