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The Race of Champions Experience

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Derek has 1000's of miles behind the driver's seat - and as a racing instructor in actual I.R.O.C. race cars.

The premise of the actual "International Race of Champions," - I.R.O.C. - is to gather the top performers - race winners and championship drivers from different categories of Motorsports during the past year.

Then in identically prepared racecars afford them the opportunity to compete head to head, to crown the IROC Champion. This made for TV Race Series has been immensely popular with race fans since its inception in the early 1970's.

bulletThe concept is to take your top performers:

Either a top performer based on their measured performance within your organization

 Or your top performer based on their placement within your organizational hierarchy

bulletand give them -

A safe, fun, exclusive environment

Expansion of comfort zones

A new language of communication

A unique day of personal High Performance learnings

Personalized Driver's Suit and Helmet

Interaction with other top performers

A videotape of their experience

A chance for friendly competition both with themselves and their contemporaries

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In the course of this one-day experience, top performers will drive a variety of cars at a Major Speedway, including actual racecars. Each car will feature exciting graphics depicting each top performer's name, signature, and full corporate logo.

All participants will be fully prepared for the task at hand with safety debriefing and classroom sessions by professional driving instructors.

While piloting their race vehicles, top performers will be outfitted in their personalized driver's suit and helmet that each participant will keep, along with a videotape of the day's activities.

bulletExperiences throughout the day will include:

         Trackside Coaching and Critiques by Race Coaches

         Race Car Cockpit Familiarization

        Comprehension of Race Track Driving Techniques

        Running full laps on the Speedway

         Pit lane Etiquette

         Passing maneuvers

         Running full laps on a Road Course

         Practice Slalom Challenge Course sessions

         Timed Slalom Challenge Course sessions

        Post Event News Conference

         Trackside Interviews by Live Color Commentator



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