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Remember the movie -- City Slickers? Remember how much fun they had "Driving Home the Herd?  At Speedweek instead of driving the herd with one horsepower, you'll be doing it with 600 plus "Ponies" !!  

"Your Team" will live, eat, sleep and breathe racing for seven days.

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In this weeklong workshop, you and your "Business Teammates," possibly - the six vice-presidents of your firm - learn all aspects of operating as a NASCAR racing Team.

"Your Team" will be the pit crew for a nationally televised stock car event in "your company car."

It is "your" car - "your" driver - "your" team - you and your now experienced teammates call the shots putting your new skills to the test.

The concept in running a winning race team is the same as running a top-notch high performing business.

Speedweek gives a new perspective and a new way of looking at challenges facing your team in situations in which there is no chance for hesitation. Good decisions are required on a minute by minute basis in this pressure cooker, where seconds count for big dollars.

bullet Speedweek Participants can expect:
  • A more cohesive corporate unit based on learnings at Speedweek

    A new camaraderie, respect and understanding of your business teammates

    A new zest to tackle real challenges

    Two days of On-Track driving

    Racer's suit and memorabilia from "work days"

    Mastering the specifics of operation and selection of specially designed racing tools

    A new zest to tackle challenges

    A key "top of mind" business thinking, as people will remember the initial telecast and coverage in the trade papers of your Speedweek adventure for years to come

Full accommodations in a relaxed setting

Meals and all transportation costs

History of Motorsports and of corporate involvement


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