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Team Excellerator™

bullet The Concept:                                           

The Team Excellerator™ concept ties adrenaline to learning, making it a memorable and extremely profitable experience.

Participants will comprehend the influences of the team in the workplace and gain new tools and a common language that can be immediately utilized.

A new level of advanced driving skill will also be reached. Comprehension of the Dynamics of a racing vehicle, and a racing team will give greater driver enjoyment and add to driver and passenger safety on a daily basis.                                                                                                Tire and Black2.gif (5555 bytes)

bullet Participants will gain:
  • Knowledge of how teams form and perform
  • New Tools for High Performance Team Building
  • Identification of different types of change                                       
  • Ways to deal with change in the Workplace                                   
  • A common language     
  • Advanced driving techniques
  • Car control at its maximum limit of adhesion

Strategizing, debriefing, and coaching sessions are used throughout this highly interactive program which culminates in the running of the "Business 500."

A team-driving event where teams put their learnings and successes to the test in a real world simulated race experience.

This workshop does not require the use of a full-scale racetrack. This experience has found success with groups ranging from executive boardrooms to factory floors.



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