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Data Acquisition



The Benefits of Data Acquisition

Data overload to the driver's brain is very easily attained in the beginning stages of one's on-track adventures.

As on-track time and experiences increase a driver reaches a point where there is a need for more repeatable - quantifiable - and much less expensive results than could ever be found by having unlimited resources and time to just drive - and drive - and drive around a circuit - until you got it just right.

But how would you be able to repeat those same great results - if you went to a new track - or had a piece of on-car equipment - such as a shock absorber fail- and possible go undetected.

The driver and the whole team could spend untold hours and dollars searching for that elusive set-up or way to drive the track. 

This is where properly set-up and affordable data acquisition systems - and an experienced knowledgeable user to decipher the findings - is invaluable.

bulletThere are four main areas that Data Acquisition systems will be of benefit.

1) Engine Management

2) Chassis Set-up

3) Continuation of Driver Development

4) Removing the mystery from what if scenarios

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