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Benefit from the experiences of Derek Ross in his work with thousands of students in on-track performance.

In addition to assisting with their need for on-track instruction, specific individuals who have "the Need for Speed" will see the need for a custom designed, one-on-one atmosphere totally unlike that provided by any Performance School.

If you are serious in your racing - you'll look at having a coach. 

What a coach doesn't do is - instruct - baby sit - or placate...     

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One of the most important areas that a qualified coach will assist with is in the area of focus - which leads to bringing out the very best in your capabilities.

Focussed quantifiable tools such as digital observation and data recording are very useful - but the driver has to be able to assimilate, self-diagnose, comprehend and attend to the demanding task at hand - at a very high level before these technological tools can be utilized to their fullest.

This is where the job of the coach really comes in ... to assist the driver in attaining the highest level of skill both mentally and physically behind the wheel.

This holds true no matter what the layout or specific challenges the Road Course, Oval or Temporary Street Circuit may bring.


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